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2019 Winners Of The'  Tia Award Is  
Taryn Butler & Beverly Lindsay - Johnson 

" Let not your heart be troubled "nor your mind be filled with fear,
for you have  God's reassurance that He's always very near...
And no prayer goes unanswered, and no one walks alone,
For if we trust our Father we are never on our own


Foster Family: Lft. to Rt.  Lucy Gardner (grandmother of Lucy Williams Foster)
Nellie Jones Foster, May Dell Foster, John Edward Foster, Dave Foster Sr., Alberta
Russell Foster, Lucy Williams Foster, Stan Foster, Cora May Foster Burk( sitting
Stan Fosters lap ) Dave Foster Jr.(massin bug) Walter Foster( sleepy )
 Avery Foster( Buster )  In the back ground 1936 Cadillac,owner Dave Foster Sr. 
 Home of Lucy & Stan Foster. - Marion Alabama


William Barron Foster ( Stan Fosters Brother )
Clara Jones Booker
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