Sick Call

Our prayers go out to Clara Jones Booker.  She  was admitted to Covenent Health Care Hospital.  She is being treated for heart  complication.  Clara  would really appreciate a card  or phone call from the family.   Above all our prayers. The address is 700 Cooper Ave., Rm. 360, Saginaw, MI. 48602.   Phone  #  (989) 583-8281. Home address is 3214 Lapeer St., Saginaw MI, 48601. Phone # (989) 753-4931. 

Our prayers also go out to Delores Glover [Peachie]  wife of Abe Glover and daughter of Lucy Williams, Lucy is Stan Foster daughter. Peachie is recouperating at home from an Aneurism, she can be reached at  716 835 0257  or 148 Century Rd. Cheektowaga, NY 14215.    The family sends much love, and prayers. 


Lila Buter continues to recuperate from compliclations due to diabeties.  Let us keep her in our thoughts and prayers during this tough  time.  Please send cards or call ...I'm certain this  will help keep her spirtis up.   Lila's address is 505 Lindale St., Detroit , MI 48204. Phone # 313-895-6620. 

Lila, you give precious gifts with your own special  touch, your listening and sharing and caring so much.  Your hand reaching out in a kind, thoughtful way, your smile that can brighten the cloudiest day.  And the gifts that you give won't be put on a shelf - they'll be kept in the heart, for you give of yourself.  

                                              Lila We Love You.